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How to Find the Best Retirement Communities in Davenport, IA for You

Finding the best retirement communities in Davenport, IA for you depends on your priorities and preferences.

Advice for choosing a senior housing option that suits your needs.

Finding the best retirement communities in Davenport, IA starts with determining your priorities and preferences. Whether you want independence, budget-conscious options, social opportunities, a place that’s centrally located – or all the above – keep reading to find the best place for you.

For Independence Seekers

If maintaining or establishing your independence is a top priority in your search for retirement communities in Davenport, IA, then look no further than Brookside I and Brookside II Senior Apartments. Here, you can swap the hassles and burdens of home upkeep for independence and freedom to enjoy your days as you’d like. We offer 24-hour emergency maintenance and professional on-site management, so you never have to worry about a leaky roof or cutting the lawn. That’s taken care of for you at no additional cost!

For Money Savers

The best retirement communities in Davenport, IA for you may be those that keep your budget intact. If saving money is one of your priorities, it may be helpful to know that Brookside I & II is an income-restricted property that also accepts housing vouchers. And you won’t feel nickel and dimed with extra charges for routine or emergency maintenance services like you would with homeownership. From appliance repairs to lawn mowing and snow removal, everything is covered in just one monthly rental fee, so you can focus on enjoying life in your new home.

For Socialites

Perhaps the most important aspect of a retirement community for you is the social atmosphere it offers. The best retirement communities in Davenport, IA will have plenty of different options for you to interact with and get to know all your fellow residents. Brookside I and II have a variety of community rooms and recurring events for you to enjoy. Potlucks, events, and craft events are just some of the fun ways these tight-knit communities spend time together in these spaces. Both retirement communities also have a community patio and kitchen to enjoy group meals or just chat with your neighbors.

For the Location-Conscious

If the best aspect of a retirement community for you isn’t what it has to offer, but where it’s located, then look for a place in your target area. Having quick access to all the essentials, area amenities, and attractive dining options can make your experience even more enjoyable. Brookside I and Brookside II are less than three miles away from multiple grocery stores, pharmacies, parks, and restaurants. With such a convenient location, there’s plenty for you to explore. Check out our Brookside I & II Retirement Community Neighborhood Guide to learn more about what you can find nearby.

Once you’ve decided on your priorities and preferences, look for the best retirement communities in Davenport, IA that tick all the boxes. To learn more about Brookside I & II, contact us to schedule a tour or call 563-391-5995 today.

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