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Social Activities You Can Enjoy at Your Retirement Community in Madison, WI

One social activity to do at Burr Oaks Retirement Community in Madison, WI is to go to the fitness center.

Expect plenty of social opportunities at your new senior housing community!

During your search for the perfect retirement community in Madison, WI, you may be looking for a place where you can make friends. At Burr Oaks Senior Apartments and Greentree Glen Senior Apartments, you will find plenty of social activities that will keep you active. Having fun and making connections has never been more enjoyable! No matter which Horizon retirement community in Madison, WI you choose, here are just a few of the social activities you can enjoy when you become a resident:

  1. Meet up for morning coffee
  2. Exercise in the fitness center
  3. Attend game night
  4. Enjoy a potluck meal
  5. Make group crafts
  6. Visit the on-site hair salon (Burr Oaks)
  7. Catch up in the community room
  8. Gather for holiday events

Keep reading to learn more about each activity available at either Horizon retirement community in Madison, WI.

Meet up for morning coffee

Living at Burr Oaks or Greentree Glen allows you to be surrounded by friends whenever you desire – beginning with your morning coffee. Choose to enjoy your daily cuppa Joe alongside companions to help start your day off right. Perhaps you can discuss plans for the day ahead, current events, or simply chit-chat until your heart is content.

Exercise in the fitness center

We encourage our residents to be active whenever they can. But during the winter months or hot summer days, that can be a little tricky. That’s why we included an on-site fitness center to help you connect with fellow neighbors any time you want! Find all the equipment you need to keep you going, such as a stationary bike or some light weights. Even bring a friend to break a sweat with you!

Attend game night

Game night is arguably the best night at either Horizon retirement community in Madison, WI. Whether the evening’s fun centers on Bingo, scrabble, checkers, or something else, you are guaranteed to have a good time! If you’re feeling nervous about attending game night for the first time, feel free to bring a friend or family member with you. We love meeting new people here.

Enjoy a potluck meal

Socializing at your retirement community has never been more delicious! Both Madison properties offer seasonal potlucks where residents bring a favorite dish to share. These community events are a fun way to share your best recipes and learn new ones you’d like to try. Whether it’s a generations-old main dish or a fresh twist on dessert to satisfy every sweet tooth, channel your inner chef and come to enjoy the fun!

Make group crafts

Crafting is yet another social activity you can enjoy at our Madison-area retirement communities. You can enjoy making everything from seasonal to traditional craft projects alongside fellow residents. Perhaps you’ll create décor for your new home or holiday gifts for family and friends. The creative possibilities are endless!

Visit the on-site hair salon (Burr Oaks only)Attending game night is a social activity you can enjoy at Greentree Glen retirement community in Madison, WI.

Getting pampered is one of the best social activities! At our Burr Oaks retirement community, stop by the on-site hair salon for a fresh new cut, color, or style. You’re sure to run into a neighbor or two with the same idea! Or you can chat with our friendly beauticians. The next time you visit for an appointment, bring a friend and have double the fun!

Catch up in the community room

There are times when you’re in the mood to connect with others, and that is why we love the community room! There is always something going on and people to talk to who can help brighten your day. Do you have a free afternoon? Just stop by the community room for small talk with your friends!

Gather for holiday events

Every holiday season, Burr Oaks and Greentree Glen Senior Apartments offer festive events where you can spread cheer with residents and guests. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or another holiday, we welcome you to celebrate with us!

These are just a few of many social activities that will keep life at your retirement community exciting! For more information about the independent living properties mentioned in this post, visit our website today.

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