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How Independent Living Communities in Madison, WI Can Save You Money

Senior housing may be the key to saving thousands on annual home expenses.

When you factor in the cost of routine (and surprise) maintenance and upkeep, homeownership can be expensive. Besides your monthly mortgage payment, regular maintenance (like landscaping or furnace services) and emergency repairs (such as plumbing or electrical problems) can put a damper on your savings.

You can leave the stress and the spending behind and start enjoying life by choosing affordable independent living in Madison, WI. The amenities at Burr Oaks Senior Apartments and Greentree Glen Senior Apartments offer considerable savings, such as:

  • Electrical services | $1,040/service
  • Furnace repair | $494/repair
  • Roof repair | $1,409/service
  • Lawn care | $840/year
  • Plumbing services | $493/service
  • Water damage | $2,405/restoration

Keep reading to learn more about how affordable independent living communities in Madison, WI can save you money.

Electrical services

When you own a home, you may need to hire a trained electrician for various projects, such as installing a new light fixture, replacing a ceiling fan, or repairing a breaker panel. The average homeowner in Madison pays around $1,040 for each repair service, depending on the issue. Residents at our independent living communities in Madison, WI don’t have to stress about this home expense. Electrical repair and upgrade costs are covered as part of your leasing agreement at both Burr Oaks Senior Apartments and Greentree Glen Senior Apartments.

Furnace repair

Wisconsin winters can get downright unbearable, making it essential that your heating system is in tip-top shape. Should something break, the cost of fixing your furnace might have a chilling effect on your finances. In Madison, the average cost for a furnace repair is $494 and could be much higher if you need to replace the entire furnace. Our independent senior apartments in Madison, WI give you peace of mind, knowing you’ll never again have to worry about furnace upkeep, repairs, or replacement costs.

Roof repair

Those chilling winters and strong summer storms mean that you might need to repair or replace your roof at some point. These services can be costly, especially if there’s an urgent problem. In Madison, WI, the average repair cost for a damaged roof is $1,409. At Burr Oaks or Greentree Glen Senior Apartments, you can keep that money in your pocket! All roof maintenance and repairs are covered at no extra cost at our affordable retirement homes in Madison.

Lawn care

A well-maintained lawn says a lot about your home, but keeping up with year-round landscaping takes work and, often, a lot of money. If you hire a professional lawn care company to manage the mowing, trimming, and other lawn care needs, you could be paying an average of $70 every month in Madison. That comes out to $840 a year to maintain your lawn. At Burr Oaks Senior Apartments and Greentree Glen Senior Apartments, lawn care and maintenance are tended to at no additional cost.

Plumbing services

When your plumbing system fails, time is of the essence. And the cost of taking care of a plumbing emergency can add up fast. Depending on the severity of the problem, Madison homeowners can expect to pay an average of $493 per plumbing emergency. Seniors who choose independent living in Madison, WI are free to leave the worry and expense of plumbing maintenance and emergency repairs behind. If you see a leak in your apartment, our 24-hour maintenance team will quickly be on the scene to take care of it.

Water damage

Whether caused by a plumbing problem, faulty home appliances, or Wisconsin weather, water damage can be one of the most expensive difficulties a homeowner will face. It’s best to treat water damage immediately or risk permanent damage to your roof, floors, and everything in between. But mitigation and restoration services aren’t cheap. Depending on the extent and type of damage, the average cost of water damage restoration in Madison is $2,405. Not having to pay for these unexpected costs is yet another perk of simplifying your monthly expenses by moving to one of our independent living communities in Madison, WI.

All these home expenses add up to thousands in savings every year, which can help make your life easier and more enjoyable – and keep your bank account intact. To learn more about independent living in Madison, WI, contact us online or call 608.354.0900 to schedule a tour today.

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