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9 Myths About Senior Independent Living Communities in Madison, Wisconsin

One of the myths about living in senior independent living communities in Madison, WI is that you’ll lose your independence

Get the real and surprising facts about the most common misperceptions.

If you think senior independent living communities aren’t a good fit for you, it might be time to reconsider. From affordability, socialization opportunities, and independence, there are plenty of reasons to call one home. In this post, we’re highlighting a few of the most common myths about retirement communities and the real facts that may surprise you, including:

  1. They’re too expensive
  2. It’s lonely
  3. It will restrict my independence
  4. Pets aren’t allowed
  5. It’s depressing
  6. It’s secluded
  7. There’s not enough room/storage
  8. Parking is inconvenient
  9. You have to use a laundromat

1| Myth: They’re too expensive

Fact: What’s expensive is paying out-of-pocket for your current home’s maintenance and upkeep. At most senior independent living communities, property maintenance is entirely covered in your monthly rental fee. Power and utilities are often included as well. Our units include heat, water, municipal services, and even free WiFi! With a senior independent living community, you never have to pay seemingly endless homeownership costs like lawn care, roof repairs, electrical services, plumbing services, furnace repair, water damage, and more. These services are all included in your monthly rent check! You also won’t have to worry about an unforeseen emergency taking a chunk of change out of your pocket, such as a roof repair or water damage from heavy rains. We have a 24-hour maintenance team that will be at the ready when you need them – at no cost to you. With all this upkeep taken care of for you, you’ll spend less time writing checks and dealing with the hassle, and more time doing the things you love.

2| Myth: It’s lonely

Fact: Our senior independent living communities in Madison, WI actually offer countless ways to socialize so that you’ll never feel lonely! Both Burr Oaks Senior Apartments and Greentree Glen Senior Apartments feature common areas and planned activities like game nights, coffee chats, and other events. You can regularly connect with others who share similar interests and values. Take advantage of the common space to play cards, start a book club, or just talk over tea. You can also catch up at the on-site hair salon, work out at the fitness room with fellow neighbors, eat lunch on the community patio, read a book in the library area, and more. If you’re interested in socializing with your neighbors off-property, consider planning group outings to the City of Madison Senior Center. There, you can enjoy events, including live music, yoga classes, and much more.

3| Myth: It will restrict my independenceAnother one of the myths about senior living communities in Madison WI is that they’re lonely.

Fact: When you live in an independent living community, you’re free to come and go whenever you want. There are no time restrictions or curfews to keep. Your life is still your own – just a better version of it. You’ll also have more independence and freedom when you’re not worrying about the hassles of home maintenance. You’re free to rest easy and stress-free.

4| Myth: Pets aren’t allowed

This myth may have been true years ago, but today many senior living communities do allow pets. In fact, our Madison-area senior living communities permit cats in some units. There are a few limitations, so be sure to ask about each property’s policy if you have a purring friend you’d like to come along with you.

5| Myth: It’s depressing

Fact: Today’s modern senior living communities are anything but depressing! They attract seniors who are looking to simplify their life so they can live the retirement they’ve always wanted. These communities allow them to pursue their hobbies and interests to a higher level than ever before. Nicely manicured outdoor spaces, well-appointed apartments, and cheerful on-site staff make for a warmly pleasant environment we’re sure you’d enjoy.

6| Myth: It’s secluded

Fact: Our properties are in vibrant neighborhoods with convenient amenities and a variety of attractions nearby. There is a wide array of local Madison restaurants, campus lectures, community events, the Henry Vilas Zoo, the iconic capitol square Madison Farmers’ Market, and much more to keep you active and social. The best part is that these activities are all centrally located from either of our senior independent living communities in Madison.

7| Myth: There’s not enough room/storage

Fact: When you consider our properties, you’ll have both one and two-bedroom options to choose from, each providing you with an ideal amount of space. All units come with great living room and kitchen spaces, as well as a private deck or patio. Walk-in closets are also included in some units! At Burr Oaks, there is also extra storage space available for holiday decorations, furniture, or anything you may want to use it for.

8| Myth: Parking is inconvenient

Fact: There is convenient underground parking available for your use, and at Burr Oaks, it comes included! We use an assigned space system for maximum convenience when retrieving your vehicle. The underground parking is especially handy for Wisconsin winters since you don’t have to go out into the elements when you need to run an errand or go to an appointment.

9| Myth: You’d have to use a laundromat

Fact: Washers and dryers are included in every building, so you don’t have to leave the property to do laundry or buy an expensive washer and dryer! In fact, all apartments come furnished with appliances, such as a stove and refrigerator, and offer 24-hour emergency maintenance.

Have we surprised you with our real facts about senior independent living communities? If you want to see for yourself what they’re really like, feel free to search our Madison, WI properties or give us a call to schedule a tour. You might just find the perfect place to call home.

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