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How to Help Your Parents Find the Best Retirement Community For Them in Milwaukee, WI

Find advice to help your parents find the best retirement community for them in Milwaukee WI.

Discussing alternative housing options with your aging parents can be difficult, especially if they have lived in their own home in Milwaukee, WI, for many years. While it may not be an easy conversation to have, finding the right senior housing option can help them live life to the fullest with convenience and community. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to help your loved ones find the best retirement community for them in Milwaukee, WI, including:

  • Compile a list of benefits for making the move
  • Analyze the features that matter most to them
  • Weigh the pros and cons of your options
  • Schedule a tour of the building and available unit

Keep reading about each of these tips for finding senior housing in Milwaukee, WI, below.

Compile a list of benefits for making the move

If your loved one is still undecided about whether senior housing is right for them, do yourself a favor by compiling the many reasons they should reconsider! Independent living in Milwaukee, WI, offers a vibrant, lively community, abundant parks and gardens, and plenty of shopping and dining options for your parents to explore.

Other reasons to choose Milwaukee for relaxed senior living include:

  • 13 unique neighborhood areas with something for everyone
  • The Milwaukee Art Museum, which has over 300,000 pieces of art
  • 150 parks with more than 150,000 acres of trails, natural areas, beaches, and more
  • Close proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and more
  • On-site amenities like fitness centers, business centers, and community spaces

Analyze the features that matter most to them

To determine which retirement community is suitable for your loved ones, you’ll first want to decide what features or amenities are most important to them. For example, do they value affordability more than anything else? Is bringing their feline friend along for the journey most important? Do social opportunities pique your parents’ interest? If so, you’ll want to consider an option like Granville Heights Senior Apartments, where you’ll find the best combination of amenities, features, and proximity to the expansive activities Milwaukee has to offer.

Weigh the pros and cons of your options

Once you’ve compiled a list of retirement communities that interest your parents, you’ll want to further narrow down the list by weighing the pros and cons of each. We think you’ll find that Granville Heights checks off every box on your wish list – making it the ideal retirement community for your parents to enjoy their days.

Schedule a tour of the building and available unit

Before committing to any one option, we recommend scheduling a tour of the building and the available apartment. This will also allow you to ask any questions you have, get a feel for the community and atmosphere of the building, and even measure parts of the apartment in person before move-in.

When you visit Granville Heights, make sure to stop by the fitness center, hair salon, and community room. You can also ask us about cat-friendly units, extra storage options, and recommendations for Milwaukee-area attractions!

When it comes to finding the best retirement community for your parents in Milwaukee, WI, you’ll want to closely review your options to find a property that features the amenities and values they care about most. For more information about the independent living properties mentioned in this post, contact us online or call 608.354.0900 to schedule a tour today.

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