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5 Reasons to Consider Independent Living in Madison, WI

One reason to consider independent living in Madison is the vibrant downtown and all the activities it has to offer.

Here’s why Madison is a wonderful place to spend your retirement years.

Madison, Wisconsin is the second-largest city in Wisconsin with a population of over 255,000 residents. It’s also home to the state capitol and boasts some of the most popular attractions in all of Wisconsin!

Madison is continually ranked as one of the best cities in the country for a variety of reasons. Ranging from a recognition of its sustainability efforts to high livability scores, Madison provides the perfect environment for independent living.

  1. Housing opportunities
  2. Vibrant downtown
  3. Largest farmers’ market
  4. University sports
  5. Parks and recreation

Keep reading to find out why these reasons make Madison an ideal place to consider as your independent living home.

Housing opportunities

Madison offers multiple housing opportunities for seniors, including top of the line independent living communities. Burr Oaks Senior Apartments is on Madison’s south side and is open to residents 62 and older. It’s located just one mile from a bus stop and less than a mile from the Beltline, offering you access to any activities in or around Madison. Burr Oaks also provides countless on-site amenities for you to enjoy when you’re not out exploring everything the city has to offer. Free WiFi, a business center, a community patio, and a private balcony or patio included with each unit are just some of the amenities that independent living offers at Burr Oaks.

Greentree Glen Senior Apartments is another independent living community in Madison, WI for those 62 and older. It’s tucked away in a lovely wooded area just off the road, giving it a very peaceful atmosphere. While it’s situated in a quiet and peaceful spot, Greentree Glen is also located conveniently to satisfy any of your potential shopping needs. There are grocery stores, coffee shops, and home goods stores all within a mile of the property. In addition to recent renovations, the property offers a library, free WiFi, a community patio, and much more.

Find out more about independent living communities in Madison, WI here.

Vibrant downtown

Downtown Madison is a vibrant section of the city that offers some of the best destinations for shopping, entertainment, and dining. State Street is home to most of these local favorites, and it connects to the Capitol Square that features beautiful scenery. With over 300 establishments for you to discover, spanning from restaurant to retail, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy in the vibrant downtown.

There are more than 100 restaurants, most locally owned, making for countless opportunities to try different cuisines. Some of the city’s most well-known restaurants are located in the heart of downtown, including L ’Etoile and Heritage Tavern.  In terms of entertainment, Downtown Madison does not disappoint. There are multiple museums to check out, including the Wisconsin Veterans Museum and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. If you prefer music, glance at the performance schedule to find various artists that perform at the Overture Center. If you want to laugh, catch a show at the comedy club. The vibrant downtown scene is one of the most appealing reasons to consider independent living in Madison.

Largest farmers’ market

Madison is home to some of the largest and freshest farmers’ markets in all of Wisconsin – and the country. One of the largest and notable for fresh produce and local goods is the Dane County Farmer’s Market: Saturday on the Square. There, you’ll find merchants spanning every side of the capitol building, providing a beautiful backdrop for your morning of shopping and tasting. This event is also a producer-only farmers market, meaning that merchants behind the table produce  all the items for sale. You can truly get to know the people providing your food!

Saturday on the Square starts in April and runs through November, beginning every Saturday morning at 6:15 and continuing until midafternoon. We recommend getting to the market early for the best selection and fewer crowds. The Dane County Farmers’ Market also hosts a couple of other farmers’ markets throughout the year, including the Late Winter Market, the Wednesday Market, and the Holiday Market.

University sports

If you’re considering independent living in Madison, that means you’re about to make Badger country your home. Much of the cultural boom that has taken hold in Madison stems from the University of Wisconsin-Madison sports teams. Cheering on the Badgers also provides the perfect way to nurture your love for sports.

You can cheer on the Badger Football team at Camp Randall Stadium, which is less than a 15-minute drive from both Burr Oaks and Greentree Glen Senior Apartments. You can also catch a basketball or hockey game at the Kohl Center if that’s more your speed. Badger fans are one big family, so join us for all the Big Red fun!

Parks and recreation

Madison has roughly 6,000 acres of parkland across more than 270 different parks, according to the City of Madison Parks Division. If you’re considering independent living in Madison, you can check out this local park locator to find your must-see stops. Whether you enjoy hiking, canoeing, bird-watching, or a quiet picnic surrounded by nature, there’s plenty of outdoor splendor to enjoy in Madison.

Independent living in Madison, WI can be an enriching experience for those ready to take the plunge. Its tight-knit independent living communities and a host of other amenities around the city will help make it feel like home.

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