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How to Find Affordable Senior Housing in Wauwatosa, WI

Cedar Glen Senior Apartments is one of the best choices for affordable senior housing in Wauwatosa WI.

Advice to finding an affordable senior housing option that suits your needs.

When making the switch to senior housing, you may be considering many different factors to ensure you find the best fit. If you’re like many of our residents, you want to find a community that maintains your independence, allows for social connections, and, most importantly, saves you money. This post will highlight a few tips to look for when searching for affordable senior housing in Wauwatosa, including looking for a community that has/includes:

  1. Income restrictions
  2. Home maintenance and repairs
  3. Landscaping and snow removal
  4. Fitness center access
  5. Utility services
  6. Appliance-furnished units

Keep reading to learn more about finding affordable senior housing in Wauwatosa, WI.

Income restrictions

For qualified residents, finding an income-restricted retirement community in Wauwatosa is an important first step in saving money. If you qualify, income restrictions ensure that your housing remains affordable with lower monthly costs. Cedar Glen Senior Apartments provides income restrictions for their residents, which helps us provide a high-quality living environment at an affordable rate. Residents who apply for income eligibility can enjoy these low monthly rents, as well as medical deductions.

If you do not qualify for income restrictions, you will still find affordability at our market-rate option for independent living in Wauwatosa, Walnut Glen Senior Apartments.

Home maintenance/repairs included

Another tip when shopping for affordable senior housing in Wauwatosa, WI is to ask whether you’ll be responsible for any fees associated with future repairs and maintenance. At Cedar Glen Senior Apartments and Walnut Glen Senior Apartments, we don’t charge residents extra for any unit maintenance or potential repairs they might need, so you don’t have to worry about those surprise expenses piling up like they would with homeownership or other communities. Additionally, Cedar Glen and Walnut Glen offer 24-hour emergency maintenance so you can have peace of mind knowing that any unforeseen issue will be taken care of quickly, at no extra cost.

Landscaping/snow removal included

No one wants to pay extra for landscaping and snow removal when they’d rather sit back and enjoy the benefits of their retirement community. That’s why Cedar Glen and Walnut Glen Senior Apartments in Wauwatosa, WI include landscaping and snow removal costs in your monthly rent, so you don’t have to shell out extra cash to keep your property up to par.

Fitness center access

Affordable senior housing can help you save money on more than just rent and maintenance. You can also save on gym membership fees if the retirement community you choose has a fitness center on-site. With the average gym membership costing an average of $58 per month, or nearly $700 per year, those added costs can add up. However, if you choose Cedar Glen or Walnut Glen affordable senior housing, you don’t have to worry about these membership fees. Access to our fitness center is included in your monthly rent.

Utility services

At Cedar Glen Senior Apartments, your heat, water, and municipal services are included in your monthly rent. No need to worry about paying those extra bills every month! By helping to streamline your expenses, you can enjoy a stress-free retirement experience here.

Appliance-furnished units

One costly aspect of relocating is paying to move heavy appliances or having to buy new ones. At Cedar Glen and Walnut Glen Senior Apartments, we offer appliance-furnished units for our residents, so they can move in without worrying about moving or purchasing costs. We provide stainless steel finishes, so you can enjoy the included appliances without compromising on style. Plus, there’s a washer and dryer included in every suite, saving you quarters and a walk to the laundromat.

To learn more about how much you can save with affordable senior housing in Wauwatosa, WI, contact us online or call 262-719-3884 to schedule a tour today.

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