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10 Features to Look for in Retirement Homes in Menomonee Falls, WI

One feature to look for in retirement homes in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin is private patios in select units.

Look for these top-of-the-line amenities during your senior housing search.

When looking for retirement homes in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, you want to know that you’ll feel at home once you move in. That’s why it’s important to consider the housing and local amenities that are important to you. Ensuring that your new place has everything you need and want can make your transition that much easier. From private outdoor patios for enjoying the summer breezes to underground parking for surviving the Wisconsin winter, here are a few features to look for in retirement homes in Menomonee Falls, WI:

  1. Location
  2. Washer & dryer in-suite
  3. Underground parking
  4. Pet-friendly
  5. Community atmosphere
  6. Hair salon
  7. Storage space
  8. Fitness center
  9. Private outdoor space
  10. Professional on-site management

Keep reading to learn more about these retirement home amenities to look for in Menomonee Falls, WI.


What’s the first rule in real estate? Location (location, location)! To help you live a comfortable lifestyle, ensure that the retirement home you choose is close to the essentials you care about. Proximity to stops like grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as restaurants and shopping centers, libraries, and senior centers can make you feel even more at home.

In addition to nearby neighborhood amenities, check to see if the location of your independent living community is close to fun things to do. At Alta Mira II Senior Apartments, you’ll find desirable leisure activities just outside your front door. If you like to golf, play a round at Silver Springs Country Club. If you’re a nature lover, there are many recreational activities available at the many beautiful parks in Menomonee Falls. From swimming and picnicking to camping and community events, you’ll be close to all the outdoor fun you can imagine.

Washer & dryer in-suite

A senior living community with an in-suite washer and dryer is another appealing amenity to look for during your search. With all your laundry facilities right inside your apartment, you can complete your weekly chores at your own convenience and pace – no need to wait for an open machine. This extra bit of convenience goes a long way when comparing the differences between different retirement homes.

Underground parking included

There’s no doubt about it: winter in Wisconsin is cold! If you’d enjoy the convenience of retrieving your car underground instead of trudging to an open parking lot, look for a retirement home with underground parking. You can stay warm and dry any time you need to head out in the elements – and no need to shovel your car out of a snow-filled parking lot!


Look for these amenities with searching for retirement homes in Menomonee Falls, WI.

When moving into a retirement home community, check to see if they’ll allow you to bring your furry friend with you. At Alta Mira II Senior Apartments in Menomonee Falls, some of the units are cat-friendly, so that your little precious can come too! However, some restrictions may apply, so talk to your leasing agent about the pet policy before signing on the dotted line.

Community atmosphere

When finding your new retirement home, it makes sense to look for a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Signs that independent living properties encourage this appealing amenity for its residents include plenty of community spaces to gather with fellow neighbors. Places like patios, all-purpose rooms, and community kitchens are just a few places where you can convene with a group to enjoy senior living at its best. At Alta Mira II Senior Apartments, there’s even planned social activities so that residents can get to know each other in a low-stakes setting.

Hair salon

If a shorter commute to your hair appointments sounds appealing, look for retirement homes in Menomonee Falls, WI with a hair salon on-site. Instead of driving across town, Alta Mira II Senior Apartments gives you the convenience of strolling just a few steps away. Whether you like a standing weekly or bi-weekly appointment, or just a place to help fill the gaps between trims or sets, your day of beauty awaits!

Storage space

If you have items you need to store, ask your independent living community whether they have extra storage space available. From holiday décor and seasonal items to bulky furniture, there are often a few leftover items that residents don’t want to store inside their apartments. You’re free to stow anything you need in our storage space when you become a resident at Alta Mira II Senior Apartments.

Fitness center

If you’re working toward certain health goals, or simply want a fun place to work out with others, look for retirement homes in Menomonee Falls with a fitness center. At Alta Mira II Senior Apartments, there’s plenty of equipment available in the on-site fitness center. Here, you can step, pedal, pull, and stretch your way to good health!

Private outdoor space

Another independent living amenity to look for is a private outdoor space where you can relax and unwind. Every resident at Alta Mira II Senior Apartments has access to either a balcony or patio, depending on the floor they’re on. Completely accessible from inside each apartment, these private outdoor spaces lend the serenity and flexibility for indoor-outdoor living at its best. Whether you want to enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature or host afternoon coffee for family and friends, your balcony or patio is the perfect spot to be on a warm day.

Professional on-site management

The last amenity that you may want to look for in your retirement home search in Menomonee Falls, WI is professional on-site management. Ensuring you have access to helpful and friendly staff can help make the transition to your new home more comfortable. With knowledgeable people available to answer your questions right on-site, you’ll have easy access to the resources you need to make the most of your new experience.

For more information about features to look for in retirement homes in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin or the senior living apartments mentioned in this post, contact us online to schedule a tour today.

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