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How Affordable Senior Apartments for Rent in Port Washington, WI Can Save You Money

You’ll be free from unexpected repair costs and worry at our luxurious, affordable senior apartments.

Home ownership can be costly when you start to calculate how much you pay out of pocket for routine maintenance and upkeep, as well as surprise expenses. There’s your monthly mortgage payment, regular maintenance (like snow removal and furnace inspections), and emergency repairs (such as water damage or roof damage)—all of which can make a significant dent in your savings.

Leave the stress and the over-spending behind and start enjoying your retirement years by moving to our affordable senior apartments in Port Washington, WI. The amenities at Spring Harbor Senior Apartments offer significant savings, such as:

  • Electrical services | $1,050/service
  • Furnace repair | $499/repair
  • Roof repair | $1,283/service
  • Lawn care | $876/year
  • Plumbing services | $456/service
  • Water damage | $2,434/restoration

Keep reading to learn more about how affordable senior apartments for rent in Port Washington, WI, can save you money.

Electrical services

There are some things homeowners can do on their own, and there are other times when it’s safer to call a professional. As a homeowner, you’ll likely need to hire a trained electrician at some point for projects such as installing a new light fixture, replacing a ceiling fan, or repairing a breaker panel. Depending on the issue, the average homeowner in Port Washington pays around $1,050 for each repair service. Residents at our affordable senior apartments in Port Washington, WI, no longer need to stress about this home expense. Electrical repair and upgrade costs are covered as part of your leasing agreement at Spring Harbor Senior Apartments.

Furnace repair

Brrr! For many, winter weather in Wisconsin can feel tough to tolerate, even with a heating system that’s in good working condition. Should something break, the cost of fixing your furnace might have a chilling effect on your bank account. In Port Washington, WI, the average price for a furnace repair is $494. This expense could climb much higher if you need to replace the entire furnace. You can relax living in affordable senior apartments in Port Washington, WI, knowing you’ll never again have to worry about furnace upkeep, repairs, or replacement costs.

Roof repair

Frigid winters and summer storms will eventually do some damage to your roof—costs you’ll need to shoulder. Repairs and replacements are costly, especially if there’s an urgent problem. In Port Washington, WI, the average repair cost for a damaged roof is $1,283. At Spring Harbor Senior Apartments, you can keep that money in your pocket! All roof maintenance and repairs are covered at no extra cost at our affordable senior apartments in Port Washington.

Lawn care

A nice-looking lawn is something homeowners can be proud of. But keeping up with year-round landscaping isn’t easy or inexpensive. Many seniors hire a professional lawn care company to manage the mowing, trimming, and other lawn care needs, and wind up paying an average of $73 every month in Port Washington. That comes out to $876 a year just to maintain your lawn. At Spring Harbor Senior Apartments, we tend to lawn care and maintenance at no additional cost to keep the grounds of our affordable senior apartments neat and nice.

Plumbing services

When your plumbing system fails, every second matters – and the cost of a plumbing emergency can add up fast. Depending on how bad the problem is, Port Washington homeowners can expect to pay an average of $456 per plumbing emergency. When you choose affordable senior apartments in Port Washington, WI, you can count on Spring Harbor’s 24-hour maintenance team to swiftly show up at your home to take care of any plumbing maintenance and emergency repairs.

Water damage

Water damage can be one of the most expensive challenges a homeowner will face, whether caused by faulty home appliances, a plumbing system issue, or unpredictable Wisconsin weather. And if you don’t treat water damage immediately, you could risk permanent damage to your roof, floors, and everything in between. Mitigation and restoration services aren’t cheap. Depending on the extent and type of damage, the average cost of water damage restoration in Port Washington is $2,434. Not having to pay for these unexpected costs is another perk of simplifying your monthly expenses by moving to one of our affordable senior apartments in Port Washington, WI.

By choosing Spring Harbor Senior Apartments, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in home maintenance costs each year and give yourself peace of mind and freedom from financial troubles. To learn more about affordable senior apartments for rent in Port Washington, WI, contact us online to schedule a tour today.

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