If you love socializing, the best retirement communities in Watertown, WI will offer opportunities for you to meet new friends.

Answer these 4 easy questions to learn what to look for in your new home.

Are you searching for the best retirement communities for your personality and lifestyle preferences? This quiz can help you narrow down your choices. Jot down the letter of each answer as you go.

1. How much do you like people? 

  1. The more opportunities to socialize, the better!
  2. I don’t mind visiting with others, as long as I have an easy escape to peace and quiet.
  3. I’d take a good book and cup of coffee over socializing any day.

2. What environment makes you feel most energized? 

  1. The hustle and bustle of the city. I need easy access to shopping, dining, and city lights.
  2. The peaceful suburbs. I like having access to the city’s amenities, but prefer to be out of the city action most of the time.
  3. I’m a country guy/gal at heart. I need wide open spaces and plenty of fresh air.

3. Which amenity do you consider most important in a home? 

  1. An active neighborhood with people to see and things to do. I love to entertain, make new friends, and want the ability to easily drive or take public transportation to visit others.
  2. I’m all about the aesthetics. A well-landscaped, beautifully-designed building will almost always be my first choice.
  3. Privacy. I want my own washer and dryer, parking space, and patio, so I can enjoy my own space.

4. Are you an animal lover? 

  1. I like other people’s pets, but I don’t have my own.
  2. I don’t know why anyone would want to share living space with a furry critter.
  3. I have a pet who I consider part of my family.


Now, take stock of your responses!

If you answered mostly A:

You’re a modern city dweller with a penchant for social events and lots of activity. Your best bet is to choose a retirement community in the heart of town. Communities that offer plenty of common space and planned social events will be right up your alley.

If you answered mostly B:

Chances are good you’d be happiest in the suburbs or in a small- to mid-sized town. Well-maintained retirement communities in areas like these give you plenty of opportunities to socialize but also give you beautiful space of your own to relax and enjoy.

If you answered mostly C: 

You value your peace and quiet more than anything. The best retirement community for you is on the edge of town, allows pets, and offers plenty of private spaces for you to enjoy peace and quiet.

For information on the types of properties in your area, feel free to search Horizon properties or give us a call at 608.354.0900 today to talk about retirement communities that best suit your preferences and lifestyle. We’ll help you find a place you’ll love!